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Mark One Hire gains ISO 9001 accreditation

Congratulations to all our staff and the Quality Team for helping us gain ISO 9001.

"We have had quality systems in place for some time" said Clive Potter, Director, "but gaining ISO 9001 gives the systems we have in place added credibility from an influential and unbiased body". He added "ISO 9001 accreditation is a significant step on the path to acheiving our long term objectives. As more companies require ISO 9001 accreditation before they will do business with you".

Mark 1 Hire's reputation for supplying reliable tools & equipment and superior customer service has long been established. Working towards the independent BSI inspection has meant having to firm up on our processes and procedures ensuring traceability.

Besides thanking all the staff for their hard efforts over the past months, Clive added a note of thanks to Brian Hayward of Quality Associates, who helped draft the Quality Manual and shed light on the many aspects of ISO 9001 jargon.

It also makes it a time of double celebration; having achieved recognition for Investors in People and ISO 9001 accreditation within a 12 month period.